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Getting clients shouldn't be so difficult

It’s very frustrating when you want to be different and have a path to success, but you’re stuck with no clients to serve.

You were designed to make a difference.

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We understand how it feels to be lost in the mix and just another salesperson


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Most financial professionals really want to make a difference, but the never-ending chore of having to find clients makes them doubt this will ever happen. By becoming a Certified Financial Educator, you’ll have the opportunity to make a greater impact by helping an endless number of families create wealth for generations to come.

  • The minimum requirements to qualify for the CFEd® is 3-years experience in financial services.
  • Have less than 3 years or new to the industry? Don’t worry you can apply for the AFEd certification.
  • For the CFEd®, it will be 15 hours to study and you’ll have 4 hours to take the exam (160 questions). For the AFEd, it will be 5 hours of study and you’ll have 1 hour to take the exam (50 questions).
  • Once you apply, you’ll know within two business days max that you qualify for the program.
  • Once you’ve been accepted and purchased the program you will receive your study material within 1 business day.
  • Once you’ve studied and taken the exam you’ll know
    within 1 business day that you’ve passed!

Your investment is:

$1500 for CFEd®
$495 for AFEd

The Heartland Institute of Financial Education (HIFE) is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which is specifically dedicated to the promotion of financial literacy through financial education. HIFE accomplishes this certifying Financial Professionals who view themselves as Educators that want to make a difference.